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It serves any company that imports, exports, or is a logistics provider, but it offers different solutions to each one because the challenges they face vary. That’s why we have specialized consultants who deeply understand the challenges of each company and the areas that can benefit them, such as finance, legal, and logistics.  

Sí, no es cuestión de volumen necesariamente. If you want to have accurate data, greater reaction time and absolute traceability, Mojito360 is for you.

It offers you order and management in customs documentation. Added value for the client, greater traceability and capacity to react.“just in case”.

Because we offer an innovative solution and we have only recently been on the market, however, our team has been in the sector for a lifetime, is aware of the challenges, trends and solutions to common problems and derivatives.ados de la crisis actual. 

Everything you want , from control to monitoring, alerts, reports, etc.

Although you can obtain this information by consulting the shipping companies, you will avoid doing so manually which increases your productivity by saving time and reducing errors. In addition, you will be able to retain your client and have him be the first to know everything about his merchandise and interconnect the areas of the companies.

In the first stage we will identify the origin of the data, the documents and everything related to reporting, then we adapt and make the solution more flexible according to each client. 

Sí. PYou can create the filters you need and choose who you want to share them with 

Most of the digitalization processes require accompaniment, we go with you in the technical and strategic part as well. 

A strategic ally with a global vision to optimize and manage your logistics. 

No, on the contrary, Mojito360 will facilitate the daily work of the operations team, so that they can focus on problems and save time.

It varies but we work quickly so in an average of 60 days you can already use Mojito360. 

It depends on each company and how much they involve Mojito360 in their work processes. Visible results after 60 days.

Mojito360 is a very intuitive platform, learning times will vary according to the time each user spends on it. In a week you could learn to use the platform.

Your robust and resilient supply chain with Mojito360


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